What Is The Best Back-Up Sump Pump?

Back-Up Sump Pump Systems

Back-up sump pump systems can help keep your home from flooding, even when your electricity is working. There are many options to choose from, each with its own design advantages.

To choose the best back-up system for your home, you first need to understand what causes your sump pump to fail in the first place – flooding your home, and destroying your important records and papers, photo albums, entertainment systems, furnace, water heater, clothes washer, dryer, etc.

What Causes A Sump Pump To Fail?

There are basically four reasons a sump pump system will fail: (in order of probability)

  • Sump Pump Switch Failure
  • Sump Pump Failure
  • No Electricity To Operate Sump Pump
  • Sump Pump Discharge Failure

The Most Common Cause of Flooding is NOT from Lack of Electricity.

While most news of flooding happens during power outages, the fact is sump pumps fail and flood homes every single day.

Every sump pump will fail at some time, usually due to mechanical failure, the most common being caused by a worn out switch.

Less often, but equally devastating, is a pump discharge failure.

During a heavy rain, a sump pump discharge that is directly connected to a municipal storm water line can become overloaded, preventing the sump pump from adequately expelling the water. That, as well as a broken check valve or a clogged discharge pipe, will result in a flooded home, even if the sump pump and electricity are operating normally.

  • The Best Back-Up Sump Pump System…
  • Operates With or Without Electricity
  • Uses a Secondary Sump Pump
  • Has a Separate Discharge (NOT Connected To Municipal Storm Line)

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