Sewer Repair and Drain Repair

Properly flowing sewers and drains are crucial to keeping your home or business clean and sanitary. Over time, due to the effects of age, usage, or mother nature, sewers and drains can begin to experience clogs, backups, and worse.

No matter the size of the sewer or drain, VJ Killian Company is here to help. Experienced in all kinds of Glenview sewer repair and Glenview drain repair, our master plumbers can fully inspect, analyze, and restore the functionality of your sewer or drain. We completely inspect a sewer or drain’s source of blockage using high-end video equipment, assuring that we determine and solve the exact problem without creating unnecessary work.

If you need to have a sewer or drain inspected or for us to perform Lake Forest sewer repair or Lake Forest drain repair, here are a number of the services we proudly offer:

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Sump Pumps

All sump pumps contain a number of complicated moving parts, many of which wear out over time due to routine usage. If you find that your sump pump is draining slowly, doesn’t drain at all, or has an excess of debris buildup, you’ll need the device to be repaired or replaced. Without a properly functioning sump pump, you potentially expose your property to property damage like flooding.

VJ Killian Company’s expert plumbers offer a complete line of Winnetka sump pump repair and installation services. From basic maintenance and cleaning to the installation of a brand new sump pump, our plumbers are available around the clock to take care of your needs. Each of our Lake Forest sump pump repair professionals have years of experience troubleshooting problems of any kind, including with back-up sump pumps. Backed by our 100% service guarantee, VJ Killian Company is the most trusted name in Glenview sump pump repair.

Clogged Drains, Backed-Up Drains, Clogged Sinks, Backed-Up Sinks, and more

Backed up drains can pose health and sanitary risks to your home or business. A clog or something more serious can be quite evident, from a slow draining sink to standing water, meaning your pipe or drain needs repair or replacement fast.

Get your drains cleaned and cleared properly with the help of VJ Killian a Company. For over 90 years, our Glenview plumbers have been taking care of plumbing issues of all kinds. Whether it’s your home’s bathroom drain or a sink drain at your place of business, our Glenview drain repair experts can get your water flowing again in no time.

Store-bough drain cleaners can be temporarily effective, but can’t cut through the source of the toughest clogs like built-up hair, food waste, or other large debris. Using professional rodding tools, our Winnetka drain repair professionals can completely clean out the source of the problem, and, if necessary, fully replace your plumbing equipment.

Each Lake Forest drain repair or installation is fully backed by our 100% service guarantee to ensure your plumbing gets fully restored the way you need it.

Drain Rodding, Power Rodding, and Sewer Rodding

Backed-up sewers pose significant health risks. Whether it’s due to the accumulation of debris over time or a more intrusive sewer problem, like the outgrowth of tree roots, VJ Killian Company can help restore your sewer to normal working order through inspections, repairs, and Glenview drain rodding.

Power rodding is one of the most effective methods to clear backed-up sewers and drains. Aided by video inspections to determine the source of the blockage, Winnetka drain rodding uses a series of blades, cables, and high-pressure water to slice and blast through intrusions of all shapes and sizes.

Many sewer backups are caused by tree roots, garbage disposal waste, excess kitchen grease, or items improperly flushed down toilets, and our Lake a Forest drain rodding can eliminate these accumulations in a non-invasive manner that doesn’t tear up your property.

Backflow Testing & RPZ Testing

To keep harmful chemicals from intruding into your drinking water, the State of Illinois requires annual backflow testing of commercial and residential backflow devices. VJ Killian Company is fully licensed and certified to carry out Winnetka backflow testing, ensuring your water source stays safe. We test backflow devices of all makes and models, including RPZ backflow testing (reduced pressure zone testing).

Available for homes and businesses, our Lake Forest backflow testing meets state requirements and includes all necessary paperwork and testing results. Keeping your drinking water clean is an absolute health necessity, and VJ Killian is proud to offer Glenview backflow testing that is reliable, affordable, and compliant.

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